Making of Mangrove Natural Dye Product

The entire process of making a Mangrove natural dye item:
1. Collect Magrove tree barks from charcoal factory
2. Wash the barks
3. Soak the barks for one month
4. 3 - 5 days of fabric dyeing
5. Sew the dyed fabric into different designs

These are the daily production process, excluding the time for designing, prototyping, functional testing, and material sourcing, to be honest, the value of our design items are considerably much higher than the prices we can set. In today’s industrial and fast fashion era, there is always a big gap between the true value of natural handmade designs and the prices they can fetch. That said, why are we still pursuing this seemingly under rated craft? Simply because we want to do the right thing.

Every year, there are more than 200,000 tons of chemical toxic waste from the industrial fabric dye industry, what we wish to do is to in our small way, help catalist the popularity of natural dye, to provide a little alternative to the world. At Xiapism, our colour comes from truly plant base recourses, water, plus a lot of salt, it is totally chemical free, and we go to the extra miles to make sure all our materials are as pure as possible, no polyester is used, no traces of plastics, minimizing any harmful effect to the environment for years to come.

We do not own the earth, we are part of the earth. Do support natural dye. May the beauty of the planet earth continues to be beautiful.




每年的化學染布工業排放二十萬噸的有毒物質。我們想為這環境付出一點點心力,提供另一種選擇。Xiapism 樹皮色的染料純粹用紅樹樹皮加鹽浸泡,没有任何人工化學物質。每件產品也盡可能採用純天然可化解的材質,盡可能的不對地球造成任何傷害。


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